An optic nerve glioma (likewise called an optic pathway glioma) is a moderate developing mind tumor that emerges in or around the optic nerve, which interfaces the eye to the cerebrum. As the tumor advances, it pushes on the optic nerve, making a kid's vision intensify. Visual deficiency can happen, however just in around 5% of cases. While these are not simple tumors, they have a high cure rate. Almost 75% of optic nerve gliomas, which may influence one or the two eyes, happen in youngsters more youthful than 10, with most more youthful than 5 years old at the season of finding. Optic nerve gliomas represent 5% of all adolescence mind tumors. Since the optic framework is situated close to the hormone focal point of the cerebrum, these tumors can influence the body's endocrine capacities, for example, hormone creation, salt and water adjust, craving and rest. Frequently, optic pathway glioma is treated with chemotherapy – a medication treatment that works by meddling with the disease cell's capacity to develop or duplicate – to contract the tumor and balance out or enhance vision. On the off chance that the tumor has influenced your tyke's endocrine framework (a system of organ controlling hormones), he or she may likewise require hormone substitution treatment, potentially for whatever remains of his or her life. While surgery is not regularly performed for this kind of cerebrum tumor, it can at times ease side effects as well as enhance vision.